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Picking the right hardwood floor

Finally narrowing your choices down to hardwood flooring can seem like a huge weight off your shoulders. You’ve waded through the research, you’ve compared different materials, and you have decided that this is the floor you want to go in your home. Congratulations! However, there are still a few things you might want to consider. It’s not as simple as, “I’ve chosen wood floors”.

Lighthouse Flooring knows all the little details about wood floors that must be considered before the finality of installation. We dedicate ourselves to your entire process, not just picking out the perfect flooring. We are happy to serve the areas of Colorado Springs, Monument, Woodland Park, Pueblo, and Castle Rock, with a showroom in Colorado Springs, CO. We invite you to visit us and speak to a flooring professional who can help you choose the final details about this amazing floor.

Which type of hardwood is right for you?

The main thing you’ll want to consider is whether you want solid hardwood, or engineered wood. As the name implies, solid is one piece of wood all the way through, while engineered is a real wood veneer on top of a composite backing. Since solid wood cannot be placed in below grade areas of your home, and react to humidity and changes in temperature, some people choose engineered wood instead.

Both materials can be refinished, which both add to the lifespan and looks of the flooring. However, the solid variety can be refinished several times, while engineered can only be refinished once or twice, depending upon the thickness of the veneer. Refinishing not only restores the like-new finish to your beautiful floors. During the process, you can even select a new finish, such as hand scraped, or a different stain color, to match a change in your home’s décor.
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You’ll also need to decide which species is best for your home. For instance, a hard species such as oak is perfect for the home that has a great deal of foot traffic, and is prone to receive more scratches and scuffs than most. On the other hand, a softer wood such as pine is a wonderful choice for closets and bedrooms that see very little foot traffic.

When it comes to installation, we must recommend that professionals carry out the job. So many things can go wrong when an installer is not qualified, it can wind up costing you a fortune. Speak to a flooring professional for more details.

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