Choosing the perfect wood flooring for your home can often come down to the difference between engineered and solid hardwood flooring, and in today’s blog post, we’re going to tell you more about that. One is sure to serve you better than the other, so be sure to find out all you can before making a purchase.

Engineered and solid hardwood flooring are not the same

Although they look almost identical once installed, you’ll find some striking differences between solid and engineered wood flooring, with the most important being the construction of the materials. Solid wood offers a complete, through-body wood experience, while engineered materials are layered plywood with a natural wood veneer attached to the top.

Solid wood offers a lifespan that can easily exceed 100 years, and engineered flooring is rated for about 30 years, with proper installation and maintenance. Solid materials can never be placed below grade, but engineered hardwood options make a spectacular alternative in this space.

Both materials offer impressive customization options, and both must be acclimated before installation to ensure no warping, splitting, or cracking of the materials once in place. To find out even more about the differences between the two, be sure to visit us at your convenience.

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