Wood flooring is an attractive way to floor your home, and many homeowners prefer a native species, bringing a bit of local nature inside. Today, we will discuss some hardwood species native to the Colorado Springs area, so read along for that information.

The best wood flooring can be yours

Colorado has many fantastic tree varieties, with some excellent hardwood flooring varieties available in the midst. Here are a few you might see in our showroom.

· Ponderosa Pine
· Quaking Aspen
· Boxelder
· White Fir
· Walnut

While there are other tree varieties native to Colorado, we can help you find a wide variety of options that are sure to meet your needs for native species. We will consider hardness, grain patterns, features, and how well the wood accepts stain to help you choose a perfect match for any room.

While you’re considering these options, we can help you with other factors as well, such as choosing between solid hardwood flooring and engineered wood options. Engineered materials are perfect for below-grade placement and offer stable, functional performance in damp, humid areas, so be sure to visit us in person for your ideal match today.

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When you visit Lighthouse Flooring, you'll find that we are intent on helping our customers find what they want and need for their floors, regardless of remodel size. Our associates pass on years of expertise and help you browse our extensive inventory while you’re here.

If you are a resident of Monument, Woodland, Park, Pueblo, or Castle Rock, we invite you to visit our showroom in Colorado Springs, CO, at your convenience. Our hardwood flooring company is the perfect place to find the materials that will serve you for many years to come.