While every house is unique, however, there's one factor that every single home has in common: floors! When considering renovations for an upcoming sale, many homeowners would automatically think of a fresh coat of paint or new window treatments. However, the fact is, a new surfacing installation can significantly increase resale value. Are you wondering if solid hardwood flooring will help you up the price of your house? That is a great question and one we’ll answer right now!

Not all wood installations are equal

Although wood flooring installations are the top choice for renovations, it is essential to keep in mind that all types of wood are not equal. That is to say, more common types, like maple and oak, are less expensive than exotic imports, like tigerwood or Brazilian walnut. As such, though each solid installation is durable and long-lasting, costs will vary on what you choose. What’s more, solid floors will only increase the value of your home if it is well-maintained. So, if, by chance, you already have wood slats in your house, but they are in poor shape, you may want to consider having them redone.

The return on investment (ROI) of a new installation

When it comes down to it, you will typically see an ROI of about 70-80%. So, for instance, if your installation costs $15,000, then you will likely see a return of about $10,000 – perhaps even more. Simply put, the more you invest in surfacing, the more you will get out of it when it comes time to sell. These are indeed inspiring figures as they indicate a substantial financial return of what you put into your house during a makeover. Are solid floors worth it? The answer, in short, is yes!

Find quality materials at our hardwood flooring company

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